How is prayer like a conversation with God?

Is prayer a form of communication with God?

Prayer is the way we communicate with God who created us and saved us through Christ because he desires to be in a relationship with us. God talks to us through His word and the Holy Spirit in us. He helps us understand His word and apply it to our lives. It’s through prayer that we communicate back to God.

What does it mean by prayer as a dialogue with God?

Prayer was intended to be a conversation—a two-way dialogue between God and you. It’s only when you learn to speak and listen that you open up the limitless potential of communication with your Creator. … The four keys to hearing God’s voice.

Is prayer a one way conversation?

Speaking now from a Christian’s point of view, I understand that prayer is the method of communicating with God. It is a two-way conversation that requires listening even more than talking. It requires emotion as well as thought. It requires action as well as stillness.

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How is prayer a relationship with God?

We pray for many reasons: to thank God for blessings, to praise God, to confess sins, to seek God’s guidance. … Either way, the Bible calls us to be faithful in prayer. Prayer—thanking, praising, confessing, asking for help—connects us with God. Prayer builds relationship.

How does God communicate with us?

Throughout human history, God has initiated communication with humanity by speaking audibly to humans. He also speaks to us through the glory of His creation. Additionally, He speaks to us through His Holy Spirit and through dreams, visions and our thoughts.

Is prayer a two way conversation?

Billy Graham Quotes. Prayer is simply a two-way conversation between you and God.

Why prayer is a dialogue?

Prayer is a dialogue between the person in need and God. In prayer the person expresses the needs to God, and waits for the answer from God who hears and answers. Prayer involves listening to the answers from God. … In prayer we communicate with God.

How do you have a conversation with God?


  1. When talking to God make sure you do so in a way that feels most comfortable to you. …
  2. When writing to God, make sure to use pen and paper. …
  3. It’s ideal to find a quiet space to talk to God. …
  4. Read your religious scripture if that is your source of faith. …
  5. To talk to God, open up your heart.

Is a prayer a monologue?

It is through prayer that theistic believers acknowledge both the existence and the intervening concern of a deity. …

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What is a conversation prayer?

Let’s be honest. Our prayers suck big time and we know it. … Praying conversationally (that is, praying back and forth on a single subject until a new one is introduced by the Spirit) makes prayer such a natural means of “spiritual togetherness” that the healing love of God touches us all as we are in His presence.

Is praying a form of communication?

Prayer is a form of communication between God and people. Christians use prayers in both public and private worship as away of communicating with God. They also use prayers to listen to God and receive guidance, support and comfort from him. The prayers may be said in silence or aloud.

What is prayer model communication?

Prayer as a model of communication. Page 1. Prayer as a Model of Communication. Sylvia Fleming Crocker. ABSTRACT: The paper deals with the principles of good communication between per- sons, taking the traditional forms of prayer–confession, petition, praise, thanksgiving, and contemplation–as models.

How does prayer make us closer to God?

Prayer is simply talking to God through His Son, Jesus Christ. Even if you don’t know what to say or the burdens of your heart are too great to put into words, the Holy Spirit makes intercession for us when that happens, because He knows our heart, always. … It will encourage you as you grow closer to the Lord.

What is importance of prayer?

Prayer is an important way to experience God as the religious believer can communicate with Him. By bringing their problems to God, or asking for forgiveness and help, they come closer to Him. Christians believe they can speak with God in prayer and were taught to pray by Jesus himself.

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How does praying with a person build or strengthen relationships?

Praying together helps you show and receive trust that strengthens the bonds of intimacy in your relationship. Praying together helps you show and receive trust that strengthens the bonds of intimacy in your relationship.