What was Paul’s role before converting to Christianity?

What was Paul like before conversion?

Before encountering the risen Jesus Christ on the road to Damascus, Paul (or more precisely Saul as he was known at the time) was large, in charge, and very much in control of his world. He was clearly the authority and had little patience for others who would upstage his grandiose character.

What was Saul’s Job in the Bible?

The Hebrew Bible (referred to as the Old Testament by Christians) names Saul (Hebrew Sha’ul) as the first king of Israel, who reigned circa 1020 to 1000 BCE. According to the Bible, as king, Saul marshaled military forces to fight the Ammonites, Edomites, Moabites, Amalekites and Philistines.

Where is Paul’s conversion in the Bible?

The story of Paul’s conversion on the road to Damascus is told in Acts 9:1-19 and retold by Paul in Acts 22:6-21 and Acts 26:12-18. Saul of Tarsus, a Pharisee in Jerusalem after the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus Christ, swore to wipe out the new Christian church, called The Way.

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How long did Paul wait before starting his ministry?

Paul had three years of preparation before he began his public ministry to the world, since he was still largely “unknown” during this time.

How was Saul converted to Paul?

As he neared Damascus on his journey, suddenly a light from heaven flashed around him. He fell to the ground and heard a voice say to him, “Saul, Saul, why do you persecute me?” … So they led him by the hand into Damascus. For three days he was blind, and did not eat or drink anything.

What was Paul religion?

Paul was born in Tarsu (now in the south east of Turkey) to a Jewish family. He had a dual identity as lots of Jews did in antiquity. He had a Jewish education, a Jewish way of life and abided by the Law of Moses.

When was Saul Paul first mentioned in the Bible?

Paul was first mentioned in the Bible in Acts 7:58.

What are the three accounts of Paul’s conversion?

5 Lohfink points to the increase in the three accounts with respect to Paul’s call to mission: from call (Christ to Ananias) and call to mission (Ananias to Saul) in Acts 9, to announcement of the mission (Christ to Saul in Jerusalem) in Acts 9, to immediate mission (Christ to Saul from Damascus) in Acts 26.

How old was the Apostle Paul when he was converted?

Age 30 | Dramatic conversion on road to Damascus.

Who healed Paul from blindness?

6), Saul does not actually “do” anything to regain his sight. Instead, Saul discovers in a vision that a man named Ananias will heal him (vv. 11–12).

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What did Paul do after his conversion to Christianity?

After his conversion, Paul went to Damascus, where Acts 9 states he was healed of his blindness and baptized by Ananias of Damascus. Paul says that it was in Damascus that he barely escaped death. Paul also says that he then went first to Arabia, and then came back to Damascus.

Did Paul go to Jerusalem after his conversion?

explicitly declares in Galatians that three years elapsed after his conversion before he went to Jerusalem at all.

Where did Paul go before he started his ministry?


Paul traveled from Antioch to Seleucia, then to Cyprus. Then he went to Pamphylia which lies to the north of Cyprus in modern day Turkey. From there, he went to Galatia, as far as the city of Derbe. Then he went back through the same cities in the opposite direction.