What is the chancel used for in a church?

chancel, portion of a church that contains the choir, often at the eastern end. Before modern changes in church practice, only clergy and choir members were permitted in the chancel.

What is the purpose of chancel?

As well as the altar, the chancel usually houses the credence table and seats for officiating and assisting ministers. In Anglican and Methodist churches it will usually include the choir. In some traditions, the pulpit and lectern may be in the chancel, but in others these functions are considered proper to the nave.

Why do churches have Naves?

The nave is the main space in the church. It is where the congregation sits. … You only find aisles in larger churches when the builders wanted to make room for more people to get into the church. The altar ends of some aisles are used as chapels.

What’s the difference between altar and chancel?

is the space around the altar in a church, often enclosed, for use by the clergy and the choir in medieval cathedrals the chancel was usually enclosed or blocked off from the nave by an altar screen.

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What is a nave and chancel?

is that nave is (architecture) the middle or body of a church, extending from the transepts to the principal entrances or nave can be a hub of a wheel while chancel is the space around the altar in a church, often enclosed, for use by the clergy and the choir in medieval cathedrals the chancel was usually enclosed or …

What does the name chancel mean?

Name. The word “chancel” derives from the French usage of chancel from the Late Latin word cancellus (“lattice”). This refers to the typical form of rood screens. The chancel was formerly known as the presbytery, because it was reserved for the clergy.

What does chancel mean?

: the part of a church containing the altar and seats for the clergy and choir.

What are Naves used for?

In a basilican church (see basilica), which has side aisles, nave refers only to the central aisle. The nave is that part of a church set apart for the laity, as distinguished from the chancel, choir, and presbytery, which are reserved for the choir and clergy.

What is the room behind the altar called?

sacristy, also called vestry, in architecture, room in a Christian church in which vestments and sacred objects used in the services are stored and in which the clergy and sometimes the altar boys and the choir members put on their robes.

What is the inside of the church called?

The nave is the main part of the church where the congregation (the people who come to worship) sit. The aisles are the sides of the church which may run along the side of the nave. The transept, if there is one, is an area which crosses the nave near the top of the church.

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What is a pulpit in a church?

pulpit, in Western church architecture, an elevated and enclosed platform from which the sermon is delivered during a service.

What are the areas of a Catholic church called?

Catholic churches

the altar – a table where the bread and wine are blessed during the Eucharist. the lectern – a stand where the Bible is read from. the pulpit – where the priest delivers sermons. a crucifix – a cross with Jesus on.

What is the ceiling of a church called?

Vault (architecture) – Wikipedia.

What makes a gargoyle a gargoyle?

In architecture, and specifically in Gothic architecture, a gargoyle (/ˈɡɑːrɡɔɪl/) is a carved or formed grotesque with a spout designed to convey water from a roof and away from the side of a building, thereby preventing rainwater from running down masonry walls and eroding the mortar between.

Where is the naive in a church?

The nave (/neɪv/) is the central part of a church, stretching from the (normally western) main entrance or rear wall, to the transepts, or in a church without transepts, to the chancel.