What is Cody Christian’s net worth?

Who is Cody Christian’s best friend?

Cody’s best friend is actress, singer, and model Laura Marano, with whom he has been friends since childhood, and whom he worked with on Back To You.

Where is Hunter clowdus from?

“All American” is a teen melodrama that premiered on The CW back in 2018. It’s loosely based on the true story of Spencer Paysinger, a former New York Giants linebacker who played on their Super Bowl XLVI championship team.

What age is Dylan Sprayberry?

Jalyn Hall age. As of 2021, Jalyn is 13 years old.

How old is Spencer Moore?

“Teen Wolf” Frenemy (TV Episode 2012) – Hunter Clowdus as Bartender #2 – IMDb.

What is Asher’s mom’s secret?

The truth was that Asher’s father forced his mom to stay out of his life or he would reveal the truth about her. Since she wanted to be part of his life, she told Asher the truth herself: that she used to be an escort and that is how she and Asher’s father met.

Is Coop a real person?

Coop’s character in ‘All American’ is based on Spencer Paysinger’s friend from South Los Angeles. Coop’s character was inspired by one of Spencer Paysinger’s friends from South Los Angeles, per Los Angeles Times.

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