What does the word penury in the poem prayer for strength mean?

Penury: extreme poverty; (here) hardheartedness, lacking love and compassion. Fruitful: bearing abundant fruit; producing results. Insolent: disrespectful; rude.

What does the word penury in the prayer for strength mean?

Answer: He asks for strength to raise his mind far above daily trifles and finally asks for the strength to surrender himself completely to God’s will with love. Words-Meanings: penury: extreme poverty.

What does the word penury in the poem?

Did you know? The exact meaning of “penury” (from Latin penuria, meaning “want”) can vary a bit from context to context. It sometimes has had a broad sense of “lack” or “scarcity,” as when one character remarks on another’s “penury of conversation” in Jane Austen’s Emma.

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What kind of strength is the poet praying for?

Answer: In this poem the poet prays to the Almighty to give him strength so that he can work for the welfare of others and for his own spiritual improvement. In the very first stanza Tagore has prayed to God to strike at and remove spiritual penury or poverty from his heart.

What is the message of the poem prayer?

The central theme of the poem “Prayer” is addressed to God where the author wants God’s guidance throughout his life. He does not want to test and should remain kind to him always. He wants God to bestow his knowledge on him, enlighten him and make him free from his ignorance.

Why does the poet pray for strength How does he wish to use it?

The poet wants strength to surrender his will before God’s will because he knew that there is no power that can resist Almighty. By surrendering his will to God’s will his heart will get purified and he will get love from God and will lead a good life.

What are the repeated words in the poem prayer for strength?

The repeated words from the poem ‘ Prayer for Strength’ are ‘give me strength’ and ‘strike – strike’.

What is another word for penury?

Some common synonyms of penury are destitution, indigence, poverty, and want. While all these words mean “the state of one with insufficient resources,” penury suggests a cramping or oppressive lack of money.

Where does the word penury come from?

Penury comes from the Latin word penuria, which, though it sounds like something contagious, actually means scarcity. It’s not a word that turns up often in casual conversation or even on nightly newscasts.

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What does penury mean in the dictionary?

noun. extreme poverty; destitution. scarcity; dearth; inadequacy; insufficiency.

What does the poet want the strength for Class 8?

Q2. What does the poet want the strength for? Ans. The poet wants strength to bear his joys and sorrows to make his love fruitful in service, never to disown poor and never to bend before rude people.

What is the prayer that the poet makes at the end of the poem Do not go gentle into that good night?

Curse, bless, me now with your fierce tears, I pray. Do not go gentle into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light. (If you understand things better by hearing them rather than reading them, you can actually listen to Dylan Thomas read the poem himself!)

What is the prayer that the poet makes at the end of the poem?

In the end of the poem, the poet says to his lord that in form he looks a human being but fact is that he doesn’t possess humanity. Therefore. he requests almighty to save him against the bitter tests of life so as his human form will not feel shame and guilt in their failure.

What figure of speech is in the line a prayer utters itself explain?

There is a personification in the line, “a prayer/ utters itself.” Another personification is there in the last line of the first stanza.

What does the woman in the poem pray why Whom does she pray to?

Answer: It is a prayer that the woman makes to Jesus Christ. Jesus is the person whom a woman (Mary) laid in the manger. The woman is praying to Jesus not to take away her life until her children have grown.

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