How many pages are in the Kids Bible?

Is there a children’s Bible?

A Children’s Bible: A Novel Hardcover – International Edition, May 12, 2020.

What is a childrens Bible about?

A Children’s Bible, her sixteenth book, tells the story of Eve and her companions, who range in age from young children to graduating teenagers. Their parents, friends since college, have rented a grand summer house for a protracted and debauched reunion.

Where does a children’s Bible take place?

“A Children’s Bible” is set up like a bourgeois confection, with a group of families jointly renting a grand estate for the summer somewhere on the East Coast. Then Millet turns the premise inside out: Instead of focusing on the fancy house and adult relationships, she lets the younger generation hijack the narrative.

Who is the narrator of a children’s Bible?

The narrator is a teenager named Evie, one of several sardonic older kids in a large group of young people with free run of the house and grounds.

How long is a childrens Bible?


224 pp. W.W. Norton & Company. $25.95.

When was a children’s Bible written?

A Children’s Bible

First edition
Author Lydia Millet
Publisher W. W. Norton & Company
Publication date 12 May 2020
Pages 240

What happened to the parents in a children’s Bible?

They leave their parents and retreat to a farm further inland, where, in the company of a loose cohort of others, they seek to ride out the disorder and the disarray.

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Where can I find Lydia in the Bible?

New Testament narrative

Acts 16 describes Lydia as follows: A certain woman named Lydia, a seller of purple, of the city of Thyatira, one who worshiped God, heard us; whose heart the Lord opened to listen to the things which were spoken by Paul.

What genre is a children’s Bible?

So the children decide to leave without them. Part allegory, part adventure story, this fast-paced book manages to find the humor in an apocalypse.

Where does Lydia Millet live?

Formerly married to Kieran Suckling, Millet lives in Tucson, Arizona with her two children.