Best answer: Is the group red a Christian group?

Nashville, Tennessee, U.S. Red (stylized as R3D or RED) is an American Christian rock band from Nashville, Tennessee, formed in 2002 by brothers guitarist Anthony Armstrong and bassist Randy Armstrong, with lead vocalist Michael Barnes.

Is the band RED really Christian?

Red plays hard rock that occasionally flirts with metal influences. The quartet is identified as a Christian band, but the band’s songs don’t contain overt references to religion or faith, although the lyrics’ implied spiritual themes have made Red popular on the Christian charts.

Which rock band is Christian?

1. U2. U2 have consistently put their Christian faith and Biblical themes at the center of their music over the past three decades, but have never sold themselves as a Christian band. This has worked out pretty well for them given that they are one of the most popular rock acts of all time.

What genre is the band RED?

Resurrection Band, also known as Rez Band or REZ, was a Christian rock band formed in 1972. … While the group is officially disbanded, they played several one-off dates at the now defunct Cornerstone Festival, which members of the band helped establish.

What red band means?

Red-band trailers are basically R-rated movie trailers. They’re designed for mature audiences, and they contain more sex, violence, swear words, and emotionally charged scenes than the “green band” versions that are approved for all audiences.

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